Questions Often Asked by Our Customers


Why are there three different prices for most films?

The films are priced for two different kinds of licenses: one that includes public performance rights and one that does not. Purchasing a film at the educational license rate gives you the right to show it to others outside of a home setting, as long as you do not charge admission for these screenings. The middle tier of pricing offers public performance rights at a discount for high schools and other primarily volunteer organizations (such as domestic violence shelters and religious or civic organizations). Purchasing a film at the individual price does not include public performance rights and does not give you permission to screen the film to others outside of a home setting.

Which films are available on DVD?

Most Wiseman films are available, except for THE COOL WORLD and SERAPHITA'S DIARY.

Can I rent a DVD from you?

We do not rent DVDs for home use. For public performance rentals, please contact us directly for rates and information. If you want to rent a Wiseman DVD for home viewing, please contact your local video store.

I'm an independent video store. Can I rent or sell the Wiseman films?

Please contact us at orders@zipporah.com to work out special arrangements. We sometimes offer discounts for minimum orders of Wiseman DVDs.

Do the DVDs have extras?

In keeping with Mr. Wiseman's filmmaking style, no commentaries or extraneous materials have been added.

Are the DVDs limited by region?

No. Most DVDs are Region 0. This means that they can be played on a DVD player in any country. Exceptions: LA DANSE and CRAZY HORSE are only available from Zipporah Films in Region 1. Some films have international sales restrictions; click here to see if the film you're looking for has an international distributor.

What are the technical specifications for the DVDs?

All of the documentary DVDs are NTSC with Dolby Digital Stereo audio. They are on single-layer discs. Our lab uses high quality DVD-Rs, which have an archival life of 30-50 years. All Wiseman films are 4:3 (fullscreen) except: LA DANSE, AT BERKELEY, NATIONAL GALLERY, IN JACKSON HEIGHTS, and EX LIBRIS - The New York Public Library.

Do the DVDs have subtitles or closed captioning?

THE LAST LETTER, LA COMEDIE FRANCAISE, LA DANSE, and CRAZY HORSE are in French with English subtitles. IN JACKSON HEIGHTS includes English subtitles during scenes with foreign languages. Unfortunately, no Wiseman films have closed captioning.

How do I schedule a 16mm film rental?

Information on how to rent a 16mm copy of a film can be found on our Sales & Rentals page or by emailing info@zipporah.com.

How do I purchase a video copy of a film?

Films can be purchased online via credit card or Paypal. Simply click on the Educational or Individual price of the film on its page. Films may be purchased offline via purchase order or check; contact info@zipporah.com for information. To obtain a Sales & License Agreement, which is required for offline orders, click here. We are usually able to ship within two business days of receiving an order. If you require expedited delivery, choose Priority or UPS Next Day as your shipping method. Visit our Sales & Rentals page for complete information on purchases.

Will you fill orders for international customers?

Yes, in most cases we will ship to an international customer. For a list of international distributors for certain films, click here.

Do you offer discounts for multiple 16mm rental or video purchases?

Yes. When renting 3 or more films at the same time (may be spaced over 2 semesters) the rental rate is reduced by 10% of the list price. A listing of our sales discounts can be found here.

Are there discounts available for upgrading from VHS copies of the films to DVD?

Yes! Please inquire at orders@zipporah.com for details.

May I preview the film before renting or purchasing?

No. Zipporah Films is a small distribution company and is unable to accommodate preview requests. We will send reviews on the film you are interested to help you determine if it is suitable for your class or send a link to the film's trailer if available.

How do I return a 16mm rental print?

We prefer prints to be returned via UPS or FedEx, but Express Mail, Airborne, TNT, DHL or any shipping method that is trackable is acceptable. Prints are to be returned directly to Zipporah Films and insured for $800 or the value indicated on the packing slip, whichever is greater.

Can my organization make an archival backup copy of the film?

No. We do not allow duplication of DVDs, videos, or 16mm prints. If you wish to have a backup copy please contact us directly with specifics of your request.

Why does your sales agreement allow only for viewing on premises of the organization purchasing the film?

We do not allow one organization to purchase a film copy that will then be put in a consortium or lending library arrangement. Zipporah Films is a small distribution company that survives by its distribution efforts. Our sales agreement is very specific about this and no exceptions will be allowed. University libraries who purchase an educational license may make the copy available for physical (not internet) circulation. Municipal libraries may purchase at the individual rate to add to their circulation catalog. Please contact us for more information.

I would like Mr. Wiseman to show his films and speak at our university/organization. Is he available?

Mr. Wiseman speaks frequently throughout the world in conjunction with screenings of his films. Please contact Zipporah Films well in advance with your interest and possible dates. We will then work together to arrange a lecture or retrospective.

Can you post my Wiseman film screening on your Calendar of Events?

Of course! If your organization already owns a copy of a Frederick Wiseman film and is planning on showing it, we would be happy to post it on our website. Email us at info@zipporah.com with details on the screening(s) and a link to your website, if applicable.

Other questions?

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